Kao Merit

Merit is a Japanese haircare brand from Kao since 1970 and is specifically developed to cleanse the hair gently and prevent scalp dandruff and itchiness. Their products are gender-neutral and are kind to all generations, which means their shampoos and hair conditioners can cater to almost any type of scalp or hair.

Merit has always been developed based on the feedback of its Japanese users. For instance, when the idea of cuticle care came into style in Japan in 1975, they developed a hair conditioner that helps users’ hair become nourished and prevent dryness due to hair cleansing. Likewise, when shampooing in the morning became prevalent, they introduced a shampoo with a conditioner function that allows them to cleanse and rehydrate their hair quicker and simplify their busy morning routine. Last but not least, in 2021, they launched a foaming shampoo that is designed to further mitigate the friction suffered by the hair and scalp while washing. From shampoos to hair conditioners, you can expect a well-timed hair formulation from Merit’s products.