When you see the word “Japanese sake”, what comes to your mind first? Rice wine or cosmetics? Although Kikumasamune is originally a sake brewery, operating its business for roughly 360 years, it is also regarded as the most famous sake-based cosmetics brand among consumers. They started selling a toner made from lactic acid, a byproduct of sake fermentation, from 2012, and then like other cosmetics manufacturers, they expanded their selection of Japanese sake cosmetics to include emulsion, creams, face wash, face cleanser, and more.

If you also have an interest in Japanese sake and prefer dry alcohol generally, Kikumasamune is a perfect choice for you because they strongly believe that dry sake is the best for enjoying the original taste of its ingredients without growing tired of it. Kikumasamune also argues that its simple and smooth taste can be a perfect accompaniment for any type of cuisine. Explore the way that dry sake is the best accompaniment to delicate Japanese cuisine.