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    koh-gen-do-Japanese Taste

    Koh Gen Do

    This is a high-end cosmetic brand founded in 1986 by a Japanese actress concerned about her stressed skin. Due to hours of heavy makeup each day, her skin lacked a fresh glow. Inspired by her own needs and the deeply rooted skincare traditions of her country, she began working on a line of pure and healthy skincare products to deliver radiant skin. Eventually, she extended the benefits of skincare into a color cosmetics line, and the emblematic, red-tubed Moisture Foundation was born.

    Koh Gen Do remains a favorite among professional makeup artists and can be found regularly on the sets of blockbuster movies as well as in stand-alone stores in Japan, in addition to concessions in Loft, a chain of stores selling household and everyday goods. Koh Gen Do’s products combine botanical ingredients with skincare technology to protect and nourish your skin. The company’s philosophy is that every product that you put on your skin should nurture it and improve its radiance, leaving it soft, smooth, and flourishing. In addition, they believe it should contribute to the health of your skin, which is the reason Koh Gen Do avoids using artificial ingredients, aromatics, colorants, and petroleum-based mineral oil in their products.