This Japanese firm carries out cosmetics manufacturing as well as the management of building lease and hotels. However, they are recognized by many Japanese and international consumers as a beauty brand.

Interestingly, the origin of their brand name and the cosmetic business originated from China. In 1907, there was a Japanese doctor who ran a hospital called Kokuryudo Hospital on the shore of the Heilong River (it is translated as “Kokuryu-kou” in Japanese), and he invented a skin cream for chapped skin and chilblains in the locals. It is said that this cream was a prototype of the brand’s flagship product Kokuryu Cream, and it was later marketed to Japan from 1949

Among the various sub-brands from Kokuryudo, their popular lines are the Privacy series and Hipitch series. The Privacy series is famous for being a transparent powder with a UV blocking effect while the Hipitch series has a gentle cleansing oil that removes makeup thoroughly and can be used with your wet hands.