Lululun aims to create happiness through simple daily affordable skincare. This brand specializes in creating popular sheet masks that are simple and easy to use. Their wide range of sheet masks includes different kinds of products, including all-generation Lululun Pure for anyone looking to incorporate a sheet mask into their regular skincare routine. This collection of masks is available in white, pink, and blue packaging, with each product designed to perform different functions: white is best for oily and rough skin; pink is ideal for rough skin; and blue is suitable for intensive hydration.

Their premium line Lululun Precious is also worth trying. It is best suited for women over 35 years old who have hardened and dry aging skin. These Precious masks contain a complex oil called L22 which is said to create the skin of a 22-year-old by toning out the amount of sebum and moisture. If you are looking for high-quality facial masks, Lululun is definitely the best choice for you.