Mama & Kids

Mama & Kids is a brand literally for mothers, babies, and kids. Although their skin moisturizers and other related cosmetics were originally designed for delicate baby skin, they can be used as skincare items for adults who have sensitive skin. What they attempt to achieve through their products is skincare that is truly necessary for babies, mothers, and young children by creating products containing necessary components only with the most ideal formulation balance.

Mama & Kids make three commitments for the satisfaction of consumers with delicate skin. First, their cosmetics comprise the brand’s original compound oligosaccharide which has a mild and gentle feel. Secondly, their products are directed by a professional pediatric dermatologist and minimize the use of additives to guarantee product safety. And thirdly, some of their products are packed in the brand’s original plastic container that is kept highly airtight to minimize contact with airborne germs. For these reasons, pre-moms, mothers, babies, and kids should make sure not to miss their products.