Marna’s business was originally the manufacturing of brushes; however, due to feedback they received and demands from their customers, they have expanded their product line to include various household products over the 150 years since their inception. As a result, Marna covers houseware-related items including kitchen, baths, cleaning, health and beauty care, and shopping bags , some of which have received awards.

Their products feature user-friendliness and functional beauty that can cater to diverse lifestyles among consumers. One noteworthy product from this Japanese manufacturer includes a two-sided cleaning cloth for stain and water scale removal. Each side of the cloth is different in terms of color and hardness, so users can easily identify which side suits them the best according to the object to be cleaned.

Another good example that represents Marna’s dedication to convenience and functionality is their unique ceramic tray for toast. Its surface has a number of nano-sized holes that absorb humidity and steam from the toast effectively, so it is designed to allow you to endlessly enjoy the fresh taste of crispy toast.