Masuya Foods Co., Ltd was founded in Japan in 1965, and four years later they released their revolutionary Onigiri Senbei, which today remains their flagship product.

Masuya Foods wanted to do something different, so they made a triangle-shaped senbei instead of the usual circular or square crackers. The name “Onigiri Senbei” was a given since the cracker is made of rice and has a triangle shape (onigiri are Japanese triangle-shaped rice balls). They were launched in a triangular bag, using the green, red, and black colors of Japan’s Kabuki theater to represent Japan’s traditions and atmosphere. Most senbei at the time were sold in clear plastic bags with plain black writing, so they became an instant hit.

Currently, Masuya sells their soy sauce-flavored Onigiri Senbei, as well as salt-flavored, miniature, and family-size varieties.