Mizkan is one of the largest Japanese condiment makers, especially known for its vinegars and natto (Japanese fermented soybeans). Although their original business was the production of vinegar for sushi in the Edo period, they have expanded their range of products to include all kinds of Japanese condiments including ponzu sauce, dashi sauce, mirin, natto, and more since the post-war period, and have become a successful general condiment manufacturer today.

Mizkan’s flagship product is a ponzu sauce called Ajipon: it is a blend of soy sauce, citric fruit juice, and vinegar that gives dishes a tangy and refreshing flavor, and is said to pair well with oily dishes, nabe hot pot, and gyoza dumplings.

To market foods that are kind to the environment and people, they have recently launched a vegetarian-friendly brand called ZENB. One of their products that is drawing consumers’ attention is a pasta that is made wholly from soybeans.