It is sometimes the case that you need something more to create a filling supper, or a new culinary experience to make your daily mealtimes different from what you have had previously. If you are struggling with these issues, you should try Nagatanien products!

Nagatanien is famous for furikake (flake-type rice seasoning) and ochazuke (tea over rice) seasonings, as well as instant miso soup. Although furikake was originally created for cooked white rice, you can use it for other dishes, such as grilled meat/fish, salad, pasta, and even soup to give these dishes an exotic touch. In response to a growing demand for quick-cooking with smaller time and effort, they also produce prepared meals that can be prepared using only a microwave. For special occasions or sudden cravings for sushi, their Sushi Taro Chirashi Sushi Seasoning Mix allows you to create a special sushi dish without special techniques or knowledge about sushi. In short, Nagatanien products help your cooking, making it easy and fast.