Nestlé Japan

What kind of product do you expect from a Japanese corporation of globally-known food manufacturer? Many of you may mention Kit Kat because they produce a tasty and aromatic matcha-flavored variation, which is basically only available in Japan. It is said that there are over 300 kinds of Japan-exclusive Kit Kats ranging from sake wine to yuzu citrus. There are even flavors of regional specialties and these are normally available locally only, so Japanese Kit Kats are very popular as a souvenir gift to entertain your friends and family.

You can also enjoy the taste of Japan by consuming Nestle’s representative self-serving coffee brand: the Dolce Gusto series. Prepare a cup of matcha-flavored coffee, wait for a minute until it finishes brewing, and refresh yourself with the aroma of select matcha. The matcha latte from Starbucks line, which is another Japan-exclusive product from Nestle, is also worth trying.