Ninben was established in 1699, and its original business was the production and distribution of katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes). However, their selection now goes beyond katsuobushi and they market various types of traditional Japanese dashi products.

Ninben is not only an expert in Japanese dashi but also advocates for it by keeping their corporate oath to protect and preserve Japan’s dashi culture. From bonito flakes to mentsuyu (Japanese dashi-based seasoning sauce for noodles), you can experience the genuine taste of Japanese cuisine. You may also love the fact that their products are basically additive-free.

If you are a fan of dashi and have the opportunity to visit the Tokyo metropolitan area, head to its business district: Nihonbashi. There are said to be dashi bars, Japanese restaurants, delicatessen stores, and even obento (Japanese lunch box) shops all managed by Ninben in Nihonbashi, so you can enjoy the essence of dashi from a dashi specialist.