Nippon Seal

This company is an expert in textiles and treats various kinds of items including pile woven fabric for industrial uses and moquette cloth for passenger seats in transportation. However, it is a special non-electric, multi-purpose cleaner that makes this company famous among users.

Think about a situation in which your bed, sofa, carpet, futon, or mattress has accumulated dust, hair, and pet hair; how will you clean up these impurities, by a vacuum cleaner or adhesive carpet cleaner? While these are effective and convenient, it is said that neither of these can catch tiny particles, and that is where Nippon Seal’s Pac Pak Roller comes in. Simply move this cleaner back and forth as if you were using a mop, and you can trap this dirt effortlessly. Unlike vacuum cleaners and tape rollers, it neither requires electricity nor adhesive papers, so it is eco-friendly. You may first think of the Pac Pak Roller as an old-fashioned cleaning tool, but eventually, find it is an efficient gadget for cleaning textile-based furniture and the like.