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    oshima-tsubaki-Japanese Taste

    Oshima Tsubaki

    Enrich yourself with dense moisture by using a Japanese hair oil that is made from a plant native to Japan: Tsubaki, also known as Japanese camellia. Oshima Tsubaki is a dedicated camellia oil manufacturer providing natural beauty benefits to your hair. Their business originated from the founder’s experience: he was impressed with the beauty of tsubaki blossoms in Izu Oshima Island. Take an appropriate amount of its pale golden, transparent oil, and spread it to your hair; you can also apply it to your skin.

    You can benefit from the power of Japanese camellia other than in their premium hair oil as well. Their in-bath haircare line Premium series comprises shampoo, hair conditioner, and hair treatment, and are made with their signature tsubaki seed oil and three Tsubaki-based components to provide consumers with a pleasant experience. It is the power of a Japanese flower that makes people beautiful.