Otsuka Foods

Operating its business as a subsidiary of Japanese health care giant Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Foods proclaims itself a “Natural Food Tech Company” to develop foods that are not only delicious but also healthy and eco-friendly. It is said that Otsuka Foods is the very first manufacturer who marketed the Bon Curry, a ready-to-eat instant curry by simply microwaving it (strictly speaking, this function was put into practice in 2003). Other reasons you may like Bon Curry is that it is free from preservatives and colorants, and is made with non-GMO vegetables.

To fulfill their business philosophy, this company has also developed vegan products to support a healthier and more ethical lifestyle. For instance, they produce a sub-brand termed Zeromeat: a series of meat-substitute products that are fully made of soybeans. Further, they also create Mannanhikari, a mock rice made from konjac (yam cake) that allows consumers to enjoy eating rice without taking too many calories or sugar by simply mixing it with normal rice before turning on the rice cooker.