Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s major businesses are the development and distribution of medicines and the manufacturing of clinical trials and medical instruments. Otsuka even has its own skincare brand called Oronine, with a range of medicated cosmetics formulated with anti-bacterial and antiseptic components to help treat skin problems.

However it is their health food business the one that is more popular among the general public. This division carries brands such as Calorie Mate; a nutritional supplement brand that targets people who want to gain essential nutrition quickly. Calorie Mate's shortbread-type food is not only convenient but it also allows you to calculate your daily calorie intake because each block of Calorie Mate is designed to contain exactly 100kcal. If you are a person who calculates their nutrition/calorie consumption in detail, Calorie Mate is the one for you.

Pocari Sweat, an energy drink for ion supply, is another popular brand from Otsuka Pharmaceutical. This Japanese energy drink allows you to rehydrate yourself with ions that are lost during exercise or after bathing. It is also a great drink for replenishing moisture during the dry season, after drinking alcohol, or as a preemptive measure against heartstroke. Pocari Sweat’s versatility is the result of Otsuka’s accumulated know-how as a medical expert.