A Japanese cosmetic firm pdc initiated its business from 1992 with the aim of becoming a “partner for your skincare”. They dedicate themselves to careful, strictly-controlled R&D activities to help their customers achieve a high level of moisturization.

Their products are relatively simple yet functional, which means you do not need to prepare a large number of skincare items to complete your skincare routine. Their best-selling brand Pure Natural series, for example, offers a 2-in-1 liquid moisturizer that combines toner and emulsion functions. With Pure Natural skincare products, you can save time while achieving a high level of skin hydration.

Their eyecare line called Pmel offers a great mascara base that maximizes your lashes without using mascara afterward while keeping them nourished at the same time. Another interesting brand from pdc is the Wafood series as its products include Japanese food such as sake lees and matcha, which are said to hydrate your skin. Whatever the brand from pdc you choose, you can expect a fine supply of moisturization to the desired area.