Pentel is a major stationery manufacturer in Japan that produces and markets painting tools, erasers, correcting fluid, marker pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, and more. They always try to produce something that has not existed up to that point in order to tap new markets while arousing demand from consumers. In fact, when Japan saw a sharp economic rise around the 1960’s, many unfamiliar types of stationery showed up at the stores, half or more of which were made by Pentel. Their ability and product development strategy have enlivened the stationery market in Japan.

They are also an adventurous company that reacted rapidly to the globalization of the market. They expanded their production sites in emerging nations not only to enhance their manufacturing capacity for the foreign market but also to meet new needs from locals in a more pinpoint way. As a result, there are some Pentel products that are exclusively available at each of these countries. Pentel’s products allow you to discover a new experience and the wonder of their originality.