This company is one of the soy sauce breweries located on Shodoshima island. Its warm climate and 400 years old wooden vats allow them to create genuine natural soy sauces. They pride themselves on being a major naturally-brewed shoyu, and you will find this is not an exaggeration once you try their soy sauces.

If you are a fan of shoyu, you should try their Kishibori Shoyu: an additive-free raw soy sauce that is made through the careful processing and selection of natural ingredients. As a result, it has an intense aroma and beautiful amber color that other soy sauces do not have. A teaspoonful of this soy sauce can enhance the flavor of meat, fish, and other foods.

You can also try their condiments, ranging from fruity citrus dressing to miso-flavored yakiniku BBQ sauce. Add their products to the refrigerator to enrich your taste buds.