Tokyo Love

Tokyo Love, also known as Love Cosme or LC, is an expert in cosmetics for sexual wellness and the first advocate of “sexual healthcare” in Japan. They believe the promotion of sexual health plays a significant role in people’s well-being, and their products, ranging from body oil to flavored lip gloss are all designed to achieve an ultimate goal: promote love with your partner. In their words, their business puts emphasis on supporting consumers’ emotions of “being loved” that eventually develops into “loving each other”.

Even if your primary objective is not love, you can still have chance to use Tokyo Love’s products. Their Tokyo Love Soap is ideal for maintaining intimate hygiene, which is said to be critical to your health regardless of whether or not you have a partner. This Japanese bar-shaped soap also allows you to smoothen your delicate zones while removing bad odors, and is kind to your skin thanks to its vegan-friendly formulation.