Tsujiri is a Japanese tea house founded in 1860 by Riemon Tsuji in Kyoto. Their philosophy has remained the same since the beginning: to offer the best quality green tea on the market. In order to achieve this goal, they only use green tea harvested in the fields of Uji and still utilize traditional grinding techniques by using a stone mill, which is said to enhance the aroma and umami of the matcha, generates a beautiful light-green hue, and lathers well when whisked with water.

Tsujiri’s teahouse, also known as Tsujirihei Honten, also serves as a matcha sweet café and gift shop. You can enjoy high-quality matcha desserts like Mont Blanc cake, parfait, jelly, zenzai (sweet red bean soup), and more; all of them are seasoned with their select matcha. Their authentic matcha sweets are also available at some department stores.

This brand also distributes matcha-based products that allow consumers to experience its matcha goodness on a casual basis. For example, with their powdered matcha milk tea, you can enjoy a matcha latte at home simply by mixing it with water. Therefore, there is no need to be upset even if you cannot visit Japan right now!