Have you ever felt annoyed when you wear a face mask that does not fit properly and leaves a gap between the mask and your face? Or, do you believe the most stressful thing when wearing your face mask is the irritation to your ears due to its excessively tight ear strings? If you have just finished using such an awful face mask and are looking for alternatives, why not consider Unicharm?

Unicharm’s best-selling face mask brand called Cho Rittai, for example, features the manufacturer’s high-performance filter that prevents you from inhaling almost 100% of droplets. Cho Rittai literally means “super-tridimensional”, and as its name indicates, the mask features a 3D structure that prevents the mask and mouth from being tightly adjacent; as a result, the scratching of your face by the mask is minimized and you can breathe more easily than with other masks on the market. The Cho Rittai products guarantee what consumers expect from face masks: reliable protection and a comfortable feel when wearing them.