Wakodo is a manufacturer of baby products with a long history of innovation. Founded by Prof. Tsukasa Hirota the father of Japanese pediatrics, Wakodo achieved many things for the first time in Japan that subsequently brought significant developments to the Japanese pediatric industry. They were Japan’s first developer of infant formula, baby food, and baby powder, and were also a pioneer of issuing public education journal of childcare, as well as establishing Child Health Centers. These were all dedicated to babies’ healthy growth, and their top share in baby food is the proof of their credibility.

Wakodo also focuses on supporting expecting parents to assist with their baby raising activities. For instance, their official website provides a wide range of recipes for babies and pre-moms, information on what to do before and after the baby’s birth, and demonstration videos of recommended exercises for pregnant women who are concerned about physical disorders during the gestation period. Wakodo’s commitment to the Japanese baby industry serves as a great guide for babies and their parents.