Yamazaki Biscuits

Yamazaki Biscuit’s main business is the manufacturing of snacks including potato chips, biscuits, cookies, and chocolate sweets. Their products are relatively simple and classic, so they are designed for everyone regardless of age, gender, and the taste preference of the individual.

The YBC Stand Packs series is ideal for those who wish to try a variety of Yamazaki’s products. This line offers a range of biscuit sandwiches with different fillings to each other. For example, the Levain Prime Cheese Sand has a rich cheddar cheese cream between light and crispy crackers while their long-selling products Entry comes with slightly salty crackers and sweet vanilla cream. Yamazaki’s lineup exemplifies the idea of simplicity.

If you are looking for more unique variations from Yamazaki, the Aerial Corn Chips Snack is the one for you. Its 4-layered chips have light and crunchy bite feeling and its seasoning, either roasted soy sauce or cheddar cheese, goes perfect with chips.