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    Pelican Soap

    Pelican For Back Acne Mist Body Lotion 100ml


    Pelican For Back Body Lotion is a Japanese mist-type moisturizing gel lotion that treats back acne by penetrating deep into the pores of the skin.

    It also leads to smooth skin giving the feeling of a long freshness.

    • It keeps skin healthy, promotes skin’s self-healing ability and replenishes nutrients to skin.
    • It is enriched with Q10 for tightening effects and soybean extracts to sooth your skin on the back.
    • It also contains two different types of vitamin C that help prevent skin dryness and relieve chapped skin in autumn and winter.
    • Mild type formula to avoid greasy feeling.

    Spray an appropriate amount of body lotion onto your body after cleansing.

    Gently pat on your skin for better absorption.

    • Net contents: 100ml
    • Made in Japan
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