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    Pelican Soap

    Pelican is one of the most beloved natural soap brands in Japan. They are famous for their wide variety of bar soaps that can be used for multiple occasions. They are also well known for incorporating Japan-specific ingredients like hinoki and persimmon into their products.

    Pelican soaps only contain natural and skin-friendly ingredients, so consumers can feel confident and comfortable using their products. From everyday use bar soaps, to medicated bar soaps, charcoal bar soaps, and more, you can find a Pelican soap for any of your skincare needs.

    In our range of Pelican soaps, you'll find only the best of Pelican products that target the needs of cleansing, acne and pore care, exfoliating, and more. You can feel rest assured that no matter the Pelican soap you choose, you will be gently cleansing your skin with nourishing ingredients.