Although Cefine officially admits not being well-known compared with other major Japanese cosmetic brands, it is the best brand for natural consumers as their brand concept highlights the use of botanical ingredients. This approach is highly evaluated by beauty professionals including TV makeup artists, hair stylists, estheticians, and dermatologists.

Recommended by Japanese female celebrity Naomi Watanabe (who is also a comedian!), the Silk Wet Powder Foundation has all the functions users expect from powder-type foundation: a light feeling, strong coverage, natural finish, and skin-nourishing benefits. On top of these, these silk-based powders are designed to last a long time with almost no smudging.

Their exfoliating gel Herb Clear Gel is another best-selling product from their line, and has a number of noteworthy features. It creates a barrier of moisturizing agents immediately after removing dead skin cells to minimize skin damage thanks to its blend of natural ingredients. Its mild prescription means you can use this peeling gel every day in a gentle massaging motion.