It is said that Hakutsuru is one of the highest-class producers of Japanese sake. Established in 1743, they have been developing sake that inherits traditional brewing processes. They even produce cosmetics made from their Japanese sake.

From manufacturing to dissemination, Hakutsuru is always passionate about Japanese sake. For example, although a rice cultivar called Yamada Nishiki is commonly used for sake production, Hakutsuru created a hybrid variation between two different types of rice and named it the Hakutsuru Nishiki. Their original rice is specially designed for Japanese sake and its compatibility with sake brewing is equal to or above that of Yamada Nishiki. This invention would not occur without such an enthusiasm for Japanese sake.

They are even proactive in introducing Japanese sake to people who are not familiar with it. They have their own rice field on the roof of a building in the Ginza district, and occasionally invite local elementary-schoolers or overseas students and teach them how to plant/reap rice. They also host workshops and seminars about Japanese sake and provide information on how to fully appreciate it. All these activities exemplify their commitment to manufacturing tasty Japanese sake.