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    ichikami-Japanese Taste


    With so many different hair textures and concerns that exist, it can be hard to know which hair brand is really going to work for you. Ichikami is a Japanese hair brand that really understands this sentiment and has spent many years researching and trying to understand the root of hair troubles. 

    Ichikami focuses on bringing consumers quality hair products at reasonable prices. Their products cater to hair types that struggle in environments with higher humidity or sudden temperature changes. They are also very peculiar about the ingredients used in their products and stick to the philosophy that natural ingredients such as Japanese herbs are the best for moisturizing the hair and scalp, as well as repairing and preventing hair damage caused by dryness and friction.

    If you struggle with dry or frizzy hair and cannot seem to find products that work for you, try Ichikami. In our collection of Ichikami products, we carry the highest-rated products from the brand that tends to hair concerns like dry and damaged hair.