Itohkyuemon is a Japanese tea shop from Kyoto established in 1832 that specializes in green tea and matcha sweets. As a producer of matcha products, Itohkyuemon has never compromised on quality while pursuing new ways of providing their products to a wider range of consumers.

In the past, matcha was recognized as a luxury food that most normal Japanese people did not consume very often. To change this perception, they manage matcha cafés specializing in matcha-flavored sweets and beverages. They also run an official online store that allows you to try sweets available at their café regardless of where you live. These campaigns are based on Itohkyuemon’s corporate mission: to make consumers feel that matcha is actually a casual food that caters to the modern lifestyle.

Among their selection, things that you can purchase at our store include their sandwich butter biscuits, Langue de Chat cookies, matcha soba noodles, and more.