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    kikkoman-Japanese Taste


    As the top brand of shoyu soy sauce in Japan, Kikkoman strives to promote and preserve cultures related to soy sauce while marketing foods other than soy sauce including mirin (sweet rice wine), tsuyu (soy sauce-based seasoning sauce), quick-to-prepare instant Japanese dishes, soy milk, and recently wine.

    There are numbers of Kikkoman products you should try if you want to learn Japanese culinary culture to the highest level possible, and several intriguing products are: an unconventional powdered soy sauce that allows you to enhance the flavor of dishes without changing their texture; a raw soy sauce that gives a gentle, sweet aroma and taste with clear hue; and healthy powdered okara, a residue of soy pulp gained from processing soy milk or tofu bean curd.

    Kikkoman respects the core values of Japanese cuisine by creating “delicious memories” in the dining room. This Japanese company embodies the art of Japanese traditional culinary.