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    matsunaga-Japanese Taste


    Matsunaga Seisakujyo is a small business that has been in operation for 70 years producing top-class molds for confectionery use. They specialize in handmaking high-quality gold and silver tin top plates for cakes, breads, and other confections. 

    All materials used for Matsunaga Seisakujyo’s molds are domestically produced, and the molds themselves are handmade by skilled craftsmen at their factory in Kameido, downtown Tokyo. Utilizing technology cultivated in the manufacture of precision parts for cutting, Matsunaga Seisakujyo creates molds that can be well used and loved by their customers forever. 

    The tinplates manufactured by Matsunaga Seisakujyo have excellent thermal conductivity and are treated with high-quality Teflon coating which in turn allows for baked materials to be removed from the tinplates effortlessly. There is also a thick wire around all of Matsunaga Seisakujyo’s molds to keep the top plate straight and flat, free of distortion. The addition of this wire also increases the strength and durability of the molds. Moreover, the rounded corners on the molds make them safer to handle.

    Pastry chefs around the world look towards Matsunaga Seisakujyo for their highly regarded confectionery molds. With the use of high-quality materials and Teflon coating that will last for years to come, it's no wonder that cake and bread molds from Matsunaga Seisakujyo have gained so much recognition.

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