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    Nick Jerky

    What is the best way to enjoy premium-class wagyu beef? If you ask such a question to Nick Jerky, they would answer as follows: “Beef jerky”. Enjoy premium wagyu jerky made by a meat specialist who knows everything about wagyu.

    Nick Jerky’s Kobe beef jerky is something that fans of wagyu should not miss. Every phase of the process is carefully conducted by professionals. Its seasoning is simple: only a specialty salt processed at their local is used, so you will be able to sense extraordinary umami without any unfavorable flavor. Prepare your favorite alcohol, chew every piece of jerky with care, and feel the excellence of the wagyu in your mouth. You may also like their Jerky made of Tajima beef: another premium-class wagyu unique to Kobe area.

    As their main business is being a meat butcher, Nick Jerky also provides other types of jerkies including pork, horse, deer, and boar. Visit their bar to enjoy their freshly-made jerkies and craft beers.

    Solely determined to bring out meat's maximum flavor, Nick Jerky adheres to an original artisanal recipe that could only be made by meat connoisseurs with the most expertise. The key to this masterpiece? Simple yet quality ingredients and total care during all the process. The more you chew, the more meat flavor you can taste - Nick Jerky offers you the best premium aged beef jerky directly from Kobe.

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