Nippon Kodo

A long-lasting Japanese incense brand from 1575, Nippon Kodo produces various types of fragrances from senko (stick-type incense) to essential oil. They provide almost anything that is related to fragrance including incense burners, aromatic tree chips, massage oils, scented hand creams, bath agents, dog aromas for bark prevention, and more.

Nippon Kodo’s unique fragrances come from more than 400 years of preserved skills, but nowadays they also utilize the sensibility of modern perfumers to adapt their products to contemporary lifestyles and diversifying needs. This is intended to break down barriers: originally, Japanese incense was used for Buddhist rituals or events of koh-do (Japanese incense ceremony), but they attempt to go beyond these limited applications to allow more consumers including those outside of Japan to fill their time and space with relaxing aromas. Let their stick incense burn, and the fragrance of the smoke will travel across your room to soothe your mind and soul.