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    Shiseido Elixir

    Elixir is Shiseido’s brand that specializes in anti-aging skincare. It is an entry-prestige anti-aging skincare brand established in 1983 and focused on nurturing and maintaining the firmness, radiance, and transparence of the skin. This Japanese skincare brand is loved by a wide range of customers and is continuously strengthening its development as a global brand.

    What they value is their originally-coined term Tsuyadama: an inner glow that is revealed on your cheeks only when they are firm and transparent. This brand believes that Tsuyadama is a sign of youthfulness and abundant moisture, so its cosmetic line helps you to have Tsuyadama on your cheeks to revitalize both your skin and mind.

    Elixir cosmetics are suitable for improving various skin problems that come from aging including wrinkles, a shortage of suppleness, and roughness. It is also suitable for the young generation as their products give you a better chance of mitigating the risk of generating these concerns.