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    yoneda-Japanese Taste


    Yoneda is a sake and mirin brewery specializing in crafting handmade alcoholic beverages using centuries-old techniques to bring consumers premium products. One of the special characteristics of Yoneda mirin is that it is made with sake lees shochu distilled in the old traditional way which involves making a paste-like mixture made of sake. The manufacturer uses its own flagship sake called "Toyo no Aki" for this purpose. Using techniques that have been used for hundreds of years along with simple, high-quality ingredients leads to stunning mirin.

    Mirin is one of the most essential ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Not only is it used in seasonings or to make sauces, but mirin of higher quality can also be enjoyed as a beverage on its own or used as a sweetener alternative. However, coming across high-quality mirin sauce that contains few ingredients and no additives or preservatives is quite rare in Japan. This is where Yoneda Mirin comes into play.

    In our collection of Yoneda products, you'll find some of the best sakes and mirin sauces that you'll be able to buy from Japan. All Yoneda Mirin products are made with Japanese glutinous rice, rice koji, and sake lees shochu and do not contain any additives. Elevate your Japanese home cooking or discover new culinary possibilities with Yoneda mirin.