This manufacturer has its head office in Tsubame city: a place globally known for the production of high-quality handmade products. Although their main business is the manufacturing of kitchen tools and mold manufacturing, their products have unique and user-friendly features to optimize your activities in the kitchen.

Akebono’s hot-selling products include a stick-free dual-embossed rice scoop; safe and functional bread slicer, and microwavable egg cooker that allows you to make boiled eggs without the need to prepare hot water. Their products offer unconventional yet streamlined ways of cooking/preparing foods, and once you master these, you will never want to go back to standard cooking utensils again. Their motto is to produce products that are infused with “fine quality plus small innovations”, but you will realize the functionality of their products goes beyond such an expression when using their tools.

Use Akebono’s kitchen tools to enhance efficiency while deeply appreciating their craftsmanship.