Amano Foods

Although Amano Foods is actually affiliated with the Japanese grocery giant, Asahi group, they have developed their own distinct identity from Asahi and other umbrella companies. This brand is famous for freeze-dried foods, and you can consume these quickly simply by preparing boiled water.

What makes this brand popular among Japanese people, and overseas consumers recently, is its freeze-dried miso soups. They offer a wide selection of instant miso soup from standard tofu (bean curd) to filling and healthy mixed vegetables. The process of their freeze-dried miso soup gradually turning to real miso soup when blended with hot water is like magic and is worth watching.

Bear in mind that miso soups are not their only products. Their oyakodon sauce is the best and easiest way to experience one of the most commonly eaten Japanese rice dishes in an effortless way while their tasty cheese risotto is a great choice for sudden cravings or in case you forgot to prepare cooked rice.