Daiko Foods

Are you looking for a snack that is made from ingredients commonly consumed in Japan? Do you need something spicier to eat with which to enjoy your evening drinks even more? If so, it is time for you to try products from Daiko Foods.

Daiko Foods is a Japanese snack manufacturer famous for deep-fried snacks such as noriten (batter-fried tempura chips with nori seaweed), ikaten (batter-fried squid), and renkon (lotus root) chips. One of their major products Wasabi Tempura Seaweed Snack features a fine combination of crispy batter chips, aromatic nori seaweed sheets, and the spicy taste of wasabi (Japanese horseradish). They believe that the quality of ingredients is the most important element when creating a truly tasty tempura snack, so you can enjoy the rich flavor of their chosen ingredients. Open the bag of noriten chips, enjoy their aroma, and experience their addictive taste and crispiness as they fill your mouth.