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    Fu (Japanese Wheat Gluten)

    Fu, also known as Japanese wheat gluten, is a traditional Japanese wheat-based food popular for its chewy texture and protein content. Fu is the Japanese version of Seitan, which is a plant-based protein source. It is commonly added to Japanese dishes such as miso soup and sukiyaki.

    Fu is like a sponge and it has the ability to soak up the flavor of whatever it is added to. It also is quite soft and chewy, almost similar to mochi. It is definitely a fun Japanese food to try, and it is nutritious too! Another appealing point about Fu is that it comes in different shapes and sizes, and even colors too!

    In our collection of Fu, we carry fu wheat gluten products made by traditional Japanese artisans that have been perfecting their craft of making Fu for over a century. You can rest assured that our Fu products only contain 100% natural wheat gluten, and are free of additives or other artificial ingredients.

    If you're looking to try traditional Japanese ingredients, want to make more plant-based choices, or just want to try something new in general, why not give Fu a try?