It is perhaps not only its snacks but also its logo of a running man that make Glico famous among both local people and people from abroad because you can see the latter being displayed in a huge size in Osaka’s most popular shopping and entertainment district. This mascot landmark that has been on display for nearly 90 years is the result of Glico’s great reputation and influence in the Japanese confectionery market.

Among their hundreds of snacks, the Pocky series is beyond doubt their top-selling product. Its stick-shaped pretzel with chocolate coating is simple yet tasty and convenient to eat, making it perfect as a finger snack or a food to meet sudden cravings. Other variations of the Pocky snack include strawberry chocolate, chocolate with crushed almond bits, and Japanese matcha green tea. For adults who are looking for a savory snack with their evening drink, try their Cratz or Cheeza.

Besides confectionery, Glico produces a series of specialty supplements called Power Production while also marketing Zeppin premium Japanese curry roux. Glico products are a good starting point for consumers who are willing to try Japanese foods.