Heinz Japan

Heinz Japan is a Japanese entity of H.J. Heinz, a leading global grocery maker specially known for its ketchup. Although their ketchup is also popular in Japan, Heinz Japan also produces ready-to-eat meals and condiments that facilitate cooking. You can try some unique products that are sold exclusively in Japan.

You no longer have to spend too much time on cooking if your kitchen is well-equipped with products from Heinz Japan. For instance, once you have finished boiling spaghetti, simply pour their Beef and Iberico Bolognese Sauce on top of the freshly-cooked pasta. Likewise, you can instantly prepare doria, pasta, soups, or gratin with their White Sauce. What you may not know is that they also produce instant Beef Curry: just prepare cooked rice, transfer it to a bowl, and add the curry sauce to it to enjoy Japanese curry at home.