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    House Foods

    House Foods is a large Japanese food manufacturer specializing in curry, spices, and seasonings. It is also the owner of popular brands such as Vermont Curry, and Gaban, as well as Curry House CoCo Ichibanya: the most famous curry restaurant chain in Japan. From curry sauce packed in boil-in-the bag package to a block-type curry roux, almost all Japanese people consume House’s curry at least once, and if you have ever eaten Japanese curry, it is likely that you have eaten one from House.

    Their condiments are oft-seen in Japanese supermarkets and even some Asian markets outside Japan. Their Black Mayu garlic oil is rated positively by overseas consumers thanks to its rich flavor and versatility. Their easy, ready-to-eat Shichimi blended spices are also a lovely game changer that enhance your dishes in an exotic way.

    House Foods also have a presence in the healthcare market to some extent thanks to its anti-hangover supplement called Ukon No Chikara. This turmeric-based supplement is packed with multiple health benefits, minimizes the unique scent of turmeric, and can be consumed without water, all of which reflect the brand’s philosophy: convenience.