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    Sesame Dressings & Sauces

    Japanese sesame dressing is iconic for its deep, savory, and of course nutty flavor. It works perfectly as a salad dressing but is also a popular choice for dipping thinly sliced pieces of meat when enjoying shabu shabu or other kinds of Japanese hot pot. Sesame dressing also makes a wonderful salad dressing, dip for veggies, and even works in marinades! Once you experience Japanese sesame sauce for yourself, you will instantly fall in love with it and realize how much of an essential ingredient it can be in everyday home cooking.

    From famous Japanese brands like Kewpie that have become a hit worldwide for their sesame dressings, to more niche Japanese brands that may not be well known overseas, you'll surely be able to find your new go-to favorite sesame dressing or sauce from our collection. If you're looking for a sesame dressing with a kick, be sure to check out our sesame dressings that contain wasabi as well.