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    kewpie-Japanese Taste


    Kewpie is a general condiment company in Japan, particularly famous for mayonnaise. Japanese mayonnaise is considered to be versatile, and with its ingredients including egg yolk and vinegar, it normally has a sweeter taste and creamier texture than its Western counterparts. This means trying Japanese mayo is a good starting point to experience Japanese cuisine.

    Discover which dishes Kewpie’s mayonnaise pairs best with your taste buds. The major uses are as a base seasoning for potato salad, a secret ingredient of BLT sandwich, and coleslaw. You may also wish to try Kewpie’s mayonnaise by blending it with spicy sauce. For instance, it goes far tastier if you add mayonnaise to yakisoba, okonomiyaki, or buffalo wings. This implies that whether you use Japanese mayo only or with other seasonings, it unconditionally makes every dish more delicious.

    Other typical products from Kewpie include roasted sesame dressing, garlic toast spread, and tartar sauce.