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    koikeya-Japanese Taste


    Koikeya is a Japanese snack food manufacturer that produces and sells snacks: mainly potato chips. This brand was the first to succeed in the mass production of potato chips in Japan, and eventually developed a number of original brands such as spicy Karamucho and light, crispy Scorn. Koikeya is a true expert in potato chips and always strives to create new types, which means they will always find ways to amuse fans of chip snacks.

    According to Koikeya’s business philosophy, they strive to materialize the wonderful qualities of Japan by using domestically produced ingredients and adopting culinary techniques unique to Japan and their snack production. The potato chips called Koikeya the Koji Shio, for instance, have bonito/bream dashi and rice malt to give them a taste commonly appreciated among Japanese consumers. Another type of potato chips you may wish to try is the one from their sub-brand Koikeya Pride Potato: one of its variations is seasoned with kombu seaweed dashi instead of salt to enhance the original flavor of the potato. Find your favorite chips from Koikeya, and enjoy their Japanese-style seasoning to the full.