Producing unique and entertaining snacks with an eye-catching package design, Tohato is another snack-maker worth recognizing for foreign consumers. They always design and manufacture snacks as if they were a lover of confectionery, not only aiming to closely meet the consumer’s needs, but also to satisfy themselves with what they have created.

What you can sense from Tohato’s snacks is contrast. Their flagship snack Caramel Corn comes with sweet caramel-glazed corn puffs and lightly salted peanuts to prevent consumers from growing tired. Similarly, their green pea snack Beano has the rich flavor of peas while the puff’s slightly-scorched areas offer an addictive roasted taste due to its direct roast-flaming process. You will discover two or more taste experiences in one product.

Their Bokun Habanero is also worth trying: it is liberally seasoned with hot habanero powder to give this snack a sharp spiciness with a flavorful aftertaste that makes you unable to stop.