Yamaki was originally a wholesaler of marine products but shifted its business to the production of katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) when the founder purchased three bonito shavers in 1917. Since then, Yamaki has been producing bonito flakes and dashi products that includes this katsuobushi. They started their business by selling thinly-shaved, aromatic bonito flakes, and then gradually expanded their selection by newly developing mentsuyu (soy sauce-based soup base), katsuobushi powders, water-soluble dashi powders, and ready-to-eat dashi soup for nabe hot pot. Their products usually feature the rich flavor of katsuobushi, so you can casually enjoy the taste of Japanese dashi even at home.

Yamaki is also proactive in preserving dashi culture. They are members of various types of organizational bodies that communicate the advantages of washoku (Japanese cuisine) and dashi to consumers: they have even made lectures on how to maximize the potential of katsuobushi while also introducing it on their official website. Yamaki will never perish as long as there is a demand for katsuobushi.