Located in Tsubame town, a hub of metalware production in Japan, Yoshikawa is one of the most prominent metalware manufacturers in this area and is also said to be a key player for introducing Tsubame’s authentic artisanship overseas. When you are considering adding premium utensils to your kitchen for a more convenient and comfortable cooking experience, you should not miss this brand.

Their products are actually a combination of traditional techniques that originated in Tsubame town and the knowhow they have cultivated. Their major brand EAトCO (which is a made-up word that combines “eat” and “cooking”) gives you a brand new experience that conventional cooking gadgets can never provide. Their unique Nulu butter knife allows you to create easy-to-melt butter curls by simply gliding it on to the surface of butter block even if it is still cold and tough. Their flexible and effective Toru spatula can flip or slide under any type of food without spoiling its shape.