Maruchan is one of the largest Japanese instant noodles makers and also a major company in the manufacturing of prepared food, from frozen to ready-to-eat variations, that you can enjoy simply by microwaving them. If you wish to casually enjoy Japanese noodles at home, search the lineup from Maruchan first.

From ramen to yakisoba, Maruchan always offers the right choice for you. Their standard Seimen series features ramen noodles that have a texture and chewiness designed closely to that of real raw noodles. Their Curry Udon is also a great option because it comprises two popular Japanese dishes in one: udon and curry. For yakisoba, Maruchan Gotsumori has an aromatic flavor of delicious sauce and addictive mustard mayonnaise. Try all of these and find to the one that most satisfies your taste buds.